The Hallo Emerald deposit
owned by the Bu'a Obsa Association

About Us

Mine-to-Market Emeralds

We are a partnership of mine owners, highly skilled emerald cutters and international gemstone marketers with many decades of experience. We are excited to bring to market socially responsible and ethically sourced natural emeralds from the Hallo emerald deposit owned by the Bu'a Obsa Assn. in Shakiso, Ethiopia. Shakiso Natural Emeralds considerably raise the bar with honest gems, many of which do not require fillers to artificially enhance their clarity.

Experienced Emerald Cutters

We work one-on-one with some of the most technically advanced cutting factories in Asia assuring our ability to supply finished products meeting the very highest of international standards.  

"Cholesterol Free" Emeralds

From mining through preforming through cutting, our production never comes into contact with oils allowing us to supply internationally respected gemological laboratory verified no oil emeralds. 

We work closely with AIGS, AGL, ICA GemLab, GIA, GRS, Gübelin & SSEF Gemological Laboratories to insure peace of mind for the final buyer. Additionally, those emeralds which do require minor clarity enhancement are processed in-house using only trade-accepted natural cedar wood oil or cedar wood oil/resin mix.

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